Doug Watson

Head of Esports Insights
Riot Games

Doug Watson is the head of Esports Insights for Riot Games. An alumni of Bentley University, Doug began his career working in consulting and ad tech, helping to drive audience centric analytics through major financial, automotive, and travel companies among others. He joined Riot Games, developers of League of Legends and operators of 13 professional leagues, 3 years ago.

As the head of Esports insights, Doug and his team are responsible for expressing the voice of the player through data, providing expertise in media measurement, and assisting in the product and strategy development of esports. This group works across all 13 leagues and 3 international events to capture insights and drive better decisions across Esports and Riot Games. As leaders in the esports space, this team works across industry to create a healthy and sustainable ecosystem for esports to thrive.

When not focusing on esports, Doug can be found skiing, watching hockey, and traveling with his wife Christine.