David Pinto

Owner and Author, Baseball Musings

David Pinto started reading the Bill James Baseball Abstract in his senior year at Harvard. After two years of immunology research, Pinto started studying computer programming and wound up working for Dragon Systems, Inc. Through a member of the Dragon team, David met Dick Cramer, started scoring games for Project Scoresheet and later STATS, Inc.

In 1990, STATS, Inc. hired Pinto to support ESPN’s baseball research. He worked on Baseball Tonight and wrote notes for remote telecasts for ten seasons. He also developed STATS Proline, an early online statistics service and wrote the first real-time box score generator. He contributed to STATS publications, including the yearly Baseball Scoreboard.

David hosted Baseball Tonight Online in 2001, then started his blog, Baseball Musings in 2002. He developed the Probabilistic Model of Range, one of many defensive systems that uses batted ball information to better measure defense. He lives in western Massachusetts with his wife Marilyn, daughter Melinda and Phoebe the Schnoodle.