Chad Millman

VP, Editorial Director, ESPN

Chad is the VP, Editorial Director for ESPN Domestic Digital Content, overseeing several-hundred reporters, editors, photographers, designers and video producers for the largest sports website in the country.

Prior to that he served as editor-in-chief of ESPN The Magazine, during which time the magazine was honored with numerous awards for storytelling, design and photography. He was previously a senior deputy editor and held several editing positions at The Magazine.

He started his career as a reporter for Sports Illustrated and correspondent at CNNSI. Chad has also written or co-authored seven books. His most recent works include the 2010 national bestseller The Ones Who Hit the Hardest, about the blood feud between the 1970s Steelers and Cowboys, and the New York Times bestseller They Call Me Baba Booey, with Gary Dell’Abate. In 2008, he penned Iceman: My Fighting Life, with Chuck Liddell, which was also a Times best-seller.