Chad Millman

Chief Content Officer
The Action Network

Chad Millman is the Chief Content Officer for The Action Network, a media company providing premium analysis as well as real-time betting data. Named 2019’s best sports betting site and app by the Fantasy Sports Gaming Association, Action has also been featured in The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, ESPN, Fox Sports, Sports Business Journal and dozens of other media outlets as the leading source for news, information and primary data in sports betting.

Millman joined The Action Network from ESPN, where he was the VP, Editorial Director for ESPN Domestic Digital Content. Prior to that he served as editor-in-chief of ESPN The Magazine, created the gambling beat, launched the popular podcast Behind The Bets, made regular appearances across the network’s television programs and wrote weekly columns. He has also written or co-authored seven books, including the bestselling The Odds, about a trio of Vegas bookmakers and professional gamblers.