What We’re Reading: October 18

Our weekly post on “What We’re Reading” is back to its regular schedule! To kick things off, we have included some of our favorite articles on how data has continued to shape the sporting world since last year’s conference.

  • Data Collection: The NFL has continued to expand the amount of data it is collecting this season by implementing RFID chips into every football used on game days. Data accumulated from this experiment could eventually be incorporated into NFL’s Next Gen Stats program.
  • Data Visualization: MLBAM and Apple are partnering to bring augmented reality features that will allow fans to see metrics, such as a fielder’s defensive range, visualized on the baseball diamond during a live game.
  • Athlete Data: Despite the overall downturn in the wearable market, this NYT piece shows the important role wearables still play on the collegiate and professional level, helping athletes ensure they are getting the quality of sleep at night required to recover.
  • esports: Firms, such as Mobalytics, are bringing money-ball tactics and advanced analytics to the world of esports. The nature of esports presents a unique opportunity for data collection on everything from gamer performance metrics to biometrics.