What We’re Reading: November 30

What a weekend! Another college football rivalry week is in the books, and once again, it did not disappoint.   This week, we came across some really interesting reads that touched on the College Football Playoff landscape, Alabama’s place in history, what the Big Ten title game means for the state of college football, the business of hiring (and firing) college coaches, and of course – Ohio State’s thrilling double-OT winner in The Game.

  • How can we determine the greatest college football team of all-time? Unfortunately, we’ll never be able to see powerhouse teams from the past and present actually face off in a game, but FiveThirtyEight’s Elo rating is here to help. Neil Payne has determined that an 11-point Alabama victory over Florida in next Saturday’s SEC Championship game will vaunt the Crimson Tide ahead of Nebraska’s 1995 team for G.O.A.T status. Roll Tide, indeed.
  • College football’s best rivalry might officially be back. SB Nation runs us through 10 things to remember about 2016’s most exciting college football game, including “the greatest 8-yard reception ever” and a nearly perfect role reversal from Michigan’s win over Ohio State in 1973. Meanwhile, Rodger Sherman from The Ringer claims that this edition of The Game featured a bit of everything – including an all-time officiating controversy.
  • Speaking of the Big Ten, while Penn State and Wisconsin secured their place in the conference championship, #2 Ohio State gets the week off, resting up for their likely appearance in a College Football Playoff Semifinal on New Year’s Eve. Dan Wetzel from Yahoo! Sports sees this as another example of college football’s disorganization.