What We’re Reading: February 9

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the New England Patriots stormed back from a 28-3 second-half deficit to claim the franchise’s fifth Super Bowl title with a 34-28 overtime win last Sunday in Houston. Tom Brady earned Super Bowl MVP honors for the fourth time with a record 466 passing yard and 2 TDs, leading the Patriots to become just the fifth NFL team ever to rally from at least 25 behind in the second-half.  (And the other four teams didn’t pull it off on the world’s biggest stage with more than 100M people watching.)   This week, we’ll recap one of the wildest football games in recent memory:

  • How unlikely was the Patriots’ comeback? ESPN.com tells the story of the Patriots’ playoff victories in win probability charts. According to ESPN, the Falcons’ win probability was 99 percent or greater at 20 different points in the game.
  • While no one will question Brady’s place in football history, Chris Chase makes the case for Pats running back James White as Super Bowl MVP. With a Super Bowl-record 14 catches for 110 yards in addition to 3 TDs, White scored 20 of the Patriots’ points in the second half while savaging the Falcons defense.
  • Tom Brady is leaving Houston with his record fifth Super Bowl title, record fourth Super Bowl MVP, and a record 466 yards passing. One thing he is not leaving Houston with? His jersey.  USA Today reports that his iconic Number 12 Patriots Jersey was swiped from the locker room following the epic comeback.  If you have any information about the whereabouts of this jersey, please come forward.
  • As is always the case during the Super Bowl, advertisements were scrutinized nearly as much as the teams competing. This year, a 30-second spot came with a more than $5M price tag. Alongside Super Bowl stalwarts like Coca-Cola and Anheuser-Busch, Airbnb, 84 Lumber Co., and Audi joined the party with some of the most talked about commercials of the big game.
  • For the first time ever during a live television event, Intel put on a choreographed drone performance, synchronizing 300 drones in the sky during the beginning of Lada Gaga’s high-energy halftime show. The 300 light show drones, controlled by one pilot and one computer, formed an American Flag while she stood at the top of NRG Stadium in Houston.  We would have expected nothing less from the superstar performer!

While there may be some devastated Falcons fans amongst us, needless to say that Patriots ties run deep at SSAC. Huge congratulations to our co-chair, Jessica Gelman, and her team at KAGR for an incredible end to the season!