What We’re Reading: December 12

Last week, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Christie v. NCAA.  Regardless of one’s position, analysts and pundits agree that there have been few moments as influential as this to the future of sports betting in the US. As we look forward to the outcome of the case and the inevitable evolution of the industry, let’s highlight some perspectives on the ruling and its impact across sports.

  • Each year, an estimated $150 billion is illegally gambled on sports in the US. Last Monday, SCOTUS heard first arguments on bringing the industry above board—and early reports suggest the justices are skeptical about the rationale to keep sports betting illegal.
  • Setting the regulatory changes aside, sports betting has seen dramatic shifts in the makeup of the “action” against the major sports—specifically, bettors have been favoring sports other than the NFL. As much as 40% of the football money gambled this year has been put toward the college game, and over 50% of the total sports wagering was devoted to the basketball and baseball.