XY Panel: The Revolution in Visual Tracking – Presented by Sportvision

How do you position yourself for success? What makes Kevin Love a better rebounder than Deandre Jordan? Can I really afford to put Manny Ramirez in the outfield if I have a center fielder with the range of Johnny Damon? With the advent and use of missile tracking camera technology, we can now track positional data at an astounding rate of 25 frames per second. From defining the best position for a rebound to tracking the trajectory of Clayton Kershaw’s curve, positional data is revolutionizing sports analytics and providing unprecedented incite and information to make quantifiable decisions on performance analysis. The XY Big Data Panel will discuss how teams are using tracking data to best position themselves for success in coaching decisions, scouting and player evaluations, and even fan experience.

Moderator – Jonah Keri

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