Workforce Analytics in Baseball Player Management

Abstract: The “Sabermetric Revolution” has brought rigorous analytics to the fore in operating and managing baseball teams. In sports, Baseball is unique in the data that are available: the isolated pitcher-versus hitter moments allow the game to be effectively analyzed through the statistics of individuals. Over time, front offices have increasingly relied on developing these statistics and sought to maximize expected performance per dollar spent. However, the over-abundance of data and well established metrics has prevented organizations from most effectively utilizing analytics to manage their primary workforce: the players. This paper will provide a framework for the application of statistical tools to roster management and development, allowing a team to leverage the power of analytics and effectively incorporate Sabermetric tools and techniques to improve on-field performance. We will first analyze performance through the lens of Workforce Analytics, a statistical modeling framework which can be applied to any industry. Next we will define an appropriate variable to incorporate future value and cost: Expected Performance Efficiency. Lastly, we will provide a case study of Workforce Analytics as applied to the World Champion San Francisco Giants entering the 2011 season.

The full paper can be found here

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