The Science of Team Chemistry: Measuring Team Chemistry from Human Biology in Basketball and Soccer

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SyncStrength analytics transforms heart rate and other biological measures, performance statistics, and interpersonal dynamics into actionable insights and products to maximize health, fitness and performance. In addition to this, SyncStrength scientists are now developing and validating the first algorithms to objectively quantify team chemistry from player biology. In this presentation we will present how team chemistry evolves during the events of a game and a season in soccer and basketball players. To quantify team chemistry, we analyzed the strength of synchrony between players’ heart rates during games. The strength of synchrony between players’ heart rates provides a window into how their nervous systems anticipate, react, and recover from the physical and mental demands of working together as a team. This has never been tested in athletics, yet in the research lab setting, stronger synchrony corresponds to stronger interpersonal chemistry (e.g., cohesiveness, trust, cooperation). In the evolution of sports, coaches will be able to use advanced biometric analytics such as SyncStrength to monitor and optimize key domains of team chemistry as well as the impact of these domains on team performance, fitness, and health.

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