Trade Show Business Competition – 2012

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We were proud to introduce the first “Trade Show Business Competition” for our trade show exhibitors. Each Trade Show company had “4 Good Minutes” to explain their business and how they are revolutionizing the sports industry. Participants competed for a cash prize and bragging rights to be named as the “most promising” start-up at the conference as determined by our panel of judges.

Congratulations to StarStreet as our 2012 winner and MC10 and SportsBoard as our other finalists!

EDGE10 – Sports performance, administration and medical software solutions

MC10 – Reshapes electronics to create health monitoring, sports, medical, and energy products

Performa Sports – Sports performance analysis tool designed for analysts, coaches, and players

Replay Technologies – 3D reconstruction technologies for the sports industry

SportsBoard (West Shore Technologies) – Scouting and assessment software for collegiate, professional, high school and club-level sports

StarStreet – Real money sports stock market officially licensed by the NFL Players, Inc. via Playmark and leveraging real-time stats from SportsData

StatDNA – Soccer video and data/analytics platform

Stattleship – Online stats competitions for professional sports

Team Rankings – Source for data-driven predictions, picks, rankings, and statistics for college and professional sports

The War Room – Fantasy sports site focused on connecting corporate sponsors directly with fantasy sports players

Umbel – Audience measurement platform that cross-correlates multiple online data sources into refined on-demand reports for sports sponsorship sales and marketing

Zeo – Sleep management technology

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