The Connected Stadium (Sponsored by CDW)

The modern stadium is a cathedral of sport: a marvel of architecture and technology that brings thousands of fans together for one moment to enjoy the glory of competition. As the world becomes ever more connected, new stadium technologies will allow fans on the inside to connect to each other and the greater world outside. This panel will discuss new technologies under development that will deepen fan engagement with the game on the field. Soon, the digital fan experience will become as important to teams and leagues as the physical fan experience. Technology will allow fans to watch and share instant replays on their personal devices, connect with the world through social media, and purchase food and merchandise — all from their game seats. Panelists will discuss their visions for the stadium of tomorrow, the challenge of designing a new stadium, and the cost and complexity of the backend systems that make it all happen. The pace of new construction continues unabated: over the last 10 years, there have been 15 new stadiums built in the four major American leagues, and in the next 5 years, there are 9 more planned. The infrastructure put in place now will affect the stadium experience for decades to come.

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