The Analytics Behind Winning at Daily Fantasy Sports

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Daily fantasy sports is a brand new way for sports fans to engage and play along with the games they love.  Much like traditional fantasy sports, fans compete against each other by picking the best assortment of real-life players, those who will collectively score the most “fantasy points” (based on the statistics the players they choose generate in the real-life games).  The difference with daily fantasy sports is that contests last only one day and offer the opportunity to win huge prizes.  Millions of dollars are won every week, and much of the money is being won by a select group of competitors who are highly skilled at the game.  These players use a variety of data and statistics to analyze the best picks of the day, and the ones that win most consistently are doing so because they are better than their competition at using data to make decisions.  In this presentation, the CEO of DraftKings – Jason Robins – will share some of the strategies, data, and analytics that these winning players use to compete at a high-level.

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