The America’s Cup: Augmenting the Visual Experience of Sport

Sports can be difficult to follow. Did he throw a strike? Was that a first down? Luckily Stan Honey – the inventor of the “K-zone” and the yellow first-down marker in football – has been there to develop technology to help us overcome these challenges. Now, confronting perhaps the most difficult visual challenge in sport, Stan will talk to us about his work with the 34th America’s Cup to augment the way we watch the sailing races of the oldest active trophy in international sport. The technology, called LiveLine, will superimpose graphic elements onto live television to give technical information to viewers so they can see wind speed, ahead-behind lines, penalties, and upcoming course marks. Sound easy? Consider this, the live-action augmentation is being transmitted – for the first time – from a helicopter, and the data from the sailboats are instantly made available to the public for further augmentation. Even further, by detecting the speed of the sailboats, LiveLine will allow race officials to expand or contract the course so the race fits neatly within its allotted television program. With an eye towards the future Stan will contextualize his work and convey what this means for the future of television and how it will change how we interact with sport for generations to come.

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