Technology for a New Edge

Saturday, February 24 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Pat Summitt Room

The use of technology has rapidly spread across sports, moving beyond being the “next big thing” to becoming the new norm. In spring 2016, MLB approved the in-game use of a compression sleeve that measure arm stress, and last year the NFLPA signed a three-year deal to provide fitness trackers to all active NFL players. Pistons center Andre Drummond uses virtual reality to tune up his free throws, Vikings quarterback Case Keenum uses it to get extra reps outside of practice. Coaches, athletes, teams, and leagues are searching for new capabilities to track player health, to optimize training, to improve fan experience, and, most importantly, to make a difference on the field. As technological progress continues, what new opportunities will emerge? This panel will take a deeper look at the potential of technology to disrupt sports, how the current landscape is continuing to evolve, innovations in data to come, and what industry leaders are planning for the future.

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