The Success of Streaming: The New Media Model

The almost universal presence of high speed Wi-Fi coupled with the availability of smartphones and tablets has begun to seriously impact the way fans consume sports media. While the cable model is not quite dead, based on all evidence from 2016, its continued decline seems inevitable. To address this issue, leagues and content providers are increasingly turning to technology companies like MLB Advanced Media to solve their digital needs. The WWE, once a staple of cable and pay per view TV, has reinvigorated itself with a streaming network, allowing it to directly reach its fans. Finally, of all of the individual sports leagues, it’s hardest to argue with the success that the NBA has had with its comprehensive investment in digital, as the league has soared in popularity largely as a product of the accessibility of its games to global audiences. This panel will tackle how these organizations will continue to thrive in the post-cable space and address all of the challenges that a seismic shift to streaming brings.

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