Selling Out: Understanding the Path-to-Purchase for Sports Tickets

On average in the United States, 25-35 percent of tickets to professional sporting events routinely go unsold. Approximately 30 percent of fans who don’t go to an event say they would have attended had they been aware of it. The disconnect between unsold tickets and the unaware fan leaves significant money on the table for leagues and teams. Considering 69 percent of sports ticket sales occur online, digital is a vital platform to help bridge this gap. The Live Events & Ticketing team at Google recently partnered with Ipsos MediaCT and Compete to look at sports ticket buyer behavior. In this presentation, Google’s Live Events & Ticketing Senior Industry Analyst — Elyse Guilfoyle — will discuss how offline and online sources impact fans’ awareness of sporting events, their event consideration, how they buy tickets and what affects their likelihood to purchase tickets again in the future.

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