Risking it All: Why Championship Athletes Dope & What It Means for Sport

Tour de France winners, Olympians, World Series champions, Hall of Famers, men and women, even high school athletes have succumbed to the temptation and power of performance enhancing drugs. In fact, over the past decade, nearly every sport has been enthralled in a doping scandal. Why are these athletes risking their careers and health? What needs to change? Athlete behaviors or societal expectations for what is acceptable to reach peak performance? Better testing of PEDs? Bonnie Ford will lead a discussion of these issues with Travis Tygart and Tyler Hamilton. Both men have played crucial roles in the investigation of the most notorious doping controversy of our generation – the Lance Armstrong scandal – and continue to lead the crusade against doping. Learn firsthand from the experts about the impact of PEDs on professional sport and what the governing bodies need to do to better delineate the boundaries of fair competition.

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