NFL Insight: Delivering an Advanced Analytics Platform

Transforming large sets of data into consumable content has become an increasingly critical component of decision-making for businesses today.  From player statistics and game conditions to merchandise and ticket sales, the National Football League and its thirty-two member clubs generate a wide range of information on and off the football field.  Three years ago Chris Tanck, now director of the NFL’s Analytics & Data Products group, recognized an opportunity to leverage advancements in database technology and began building the foundation for an analytics platform that has enabled the NFL teams and league offices to fully leverage the power of data.

Soon after developing a proof of concept model with in-house player and game statistics, the first version of NFL Insight was released in the 2011 offseason.  The platform is now utilized across the league, increasing accessibility to all official GSIS (Game Statistics & Information System) and directly linking from the statistics to associated game video.  Soon thereafter a similar methodology was applied to enhance reporting and data visualizations across many other of the league’s sources of information, including player compensation, mobile app sales, Nielsen ratings, ticket sales, and labor finance.

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