McKinsey & Company: Sales DNA in Sports Sponsorships

Presenters: Dan Singer (Director, McKinsey & Company), Steve Pamon (Head of Sports & Entertainment Marketing, JPMorganChase) and Sam Zussman (Managing Director, IMG Performance)

Leagues, teams, and professional sports organizations face a much tougher sponsorship marketplace than they did even five years ago. Although spending on sponsorships continues to grow at 6%, there is a proliferation of competition from college sports, new sports entities, arts, music, and community-based causes and competitions. Top performers in sales organizations perform 3-4 times better than bottom-quintile sellers, but typically business leaders lack objective tools to understand what drives the superior
performance. From our work with over 40 large sales forces across multiple industries, we have developed Sales DNA, which identifies statistically-significant characteristics of top sellers. Our panel will discuss Sales DNA in pro-sports and how sponsorship sales organizations can hire and develop high-performing teams for greater returns.

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