Mark McClusky: Faster, Higher, Stronger: Science and Elite Performance

Not so long ago, you could compete at the top of the athletic world with hard work, a good coach and a little luck. But after a century when world records were smashed with ease, we’ve started to find improvement harder to come by. Today’s athletes are now turning to advanced technology and savvy science to help them reach new levels of human performance. But there are ways that the high-performance sports world approaches problems—a worldview—that has broad relevance far beyond the glare of the Olympic Games or professional leagues. Those philosophies and common threads that run through the pursuit of athletic greatness aren’t just ways to win championships. They’re also ways to optimize other parts of our lives. From specific ways to workout more intelligently to a philosophy that can drive decision-making in your business, this session examines some of the key lessons that all of us can learn from the very best athletes and coaches in the world.

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