Juggling Expectations: The Emergence of Soccer Analytics

Though the use of analytics in sports has made tremendous progress, soccer has seemed to lag in its widespread adoption. In this panel, we will analyze the current usage of analytics in soccer as well as its possible future opportunities. Player evaluation will be a critical focal point of this panel as it will seek to address how clubs scout and sign players and examine questions around the value of paying for stars versus internally developing talent. This panel will also examine how clubs find “value” in signing certain players and whether a Moneyball approach can be consistently applied to soccer.

Pivoting from player evaluation, game strategy will also be a dominant theme. This panel will address how managers use data to create game plans for opponents and how they optimize their own players’ effectiveness while neutralizing their opponent’s attack. In short, this panel will address the current state of analytics in soccer but also look to the future in finding sources of competitive advantage.

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