International Growth: Targeting a Bigger Market

Though consumption of the major sports has trended up in both the U.S. and Canada, the individual leagues and teams have their targets fixed on something bigger, how to engage globally. Leagues and teams have taken different approaches to engaging the international fan. The NHL has players from around the world, but this year hosted its most successful iteration of the World Cup of Hockey which will now be a staple of the league’s calendar every 4 years. The NFL played in Mexico in 2016 and will extend its UK presence in 2017 with another game having established solid success with 3 games in 2016. Looking globally, the NBA has held preseason exhibitions around the world and will host regular season contests in Mexico City and London for the third straight year. Sports industry leaders from leagues and teams are working hand in hand to reach new markets, build their brand, manage new media rights, manage the health of the players and understand the unique culture of each new country. In globalizing the game, our global sports leaders will discuss the business opportunity as well as how they are managing the extended travel impact on participating teams.

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