Ideation Station: Consulting Office Hours

Time: Saturday, February 28 2:20 PM – 3:20 PM
Location: Data Science and Visualization Zone (Room 252)

Where do you stand next to the industry benchmark for analytical rigor? What are the unrealized opportunities to extract value from your existing data sets, both on-field and in the stands? What can my organization learn from leading travel and hospitality providers to develop meaningful loyalty programs that engage my fan base? How can I leverage sensor data to better understand risk of injury?   What are the true measures of diversity needed to optimize performance on and off the field? During these open office hours, Booz Allen consultants will work one-on-one to prioritize data science investments, brainstorm ways to apply advanced analytic techniques and whiteboard strategies to make better use of data on the playing field, in the stands, and in the board room. Come talk to Booz Allen consultants at any point during this interactive workshop, to secure your spot in advance ask any Booz Allen representative about reserving a window of time.

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