How Digital Analytics are Changing the Game for NFL Club Websites

Sports club websites used to be viewed primarily as an information source for schedules, ticket info, rosters and press releases. With the wealth of data available, the digital approach is rapidly shifting to a fan-first experience. The goal at the end of the day is to find new ways and new channels to engage and grow your fan base with information and access they can’t get anywhere else. By leveraging data at both the individual club and aggregate league levels, this has helped identify the most engaging content, optimized page layouts and site structures, and trends from both a digital and organizational perspective. Learn about how the NFL’s Club Digital Strategy team shares these findings with clubs in the annual Digital Scorecard. By focusing on a core set of traffic and engagement metrics that give context and relate to their club objectives, the data begins to tell a meaningful story of the impact that digital and social media has across NFL clubs.

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