The Evolution of Sports Business

Friday, February 23 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Bill James Room

This panel takes you behind the scenes and inside the board room with some of the most impactful business leaders in sports. John Collins, CEO of On Location Experiences, is transforming hospitality services at megaevents after putting the NHL’s Winter Classic on the map as the COO of the NHL. Katrina Adams, Chairman of the Board and President of the USTA, oversees the U.S. Open and is driving the reach of the sport to new segments. Tod Leiweke, COO of the NFL, is responsible for continuing to grow America’s most popular sport, and throughout his career has held executive positions at the NBA, NHL, MLS, and PGA. What drives these individuals and how has their approach to leadership and the industry changed over time? How do they keep their organizations ahead of the curve in the fast-changing sports world?

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