eSports Emergence

eSports is no longer up and coming; it’s here, and the future of the sport is evolving–with new leagues, tournaments and formats being created each year. There are now over 20 professional leagues, teams being sold for tens of millions of dollars, players receiving contracts of over $2.5 million and crowds of over 20,000 attending live eSports events such as the 2015 League of Legends final at Madison Square Garden. Game developers play a key role in this evolution, releasing new and exciting games ranging from multiplayer online battle arena (MOBAs) to first-person shooters (FPSs), that have taken the eSports community by storm. Buoyed by this sportwide growth, eSports team owners are building multiple teams to ensure coverage of all of the popular games, and these budding team owners compete to develop and retain the top eSports talent in the world. This panel will feature voices at the forefront of the eSports world, showcasing why its explosive growth has made it the hottest investment in professional sports.

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