Engaging the Modern Fan

The ubiquity of technology has presented a distinct challenge for both sports leagues and teams. With the plethora of options available at one’s fingertips, it’s become increasingly difficult to attract and perhaps more importantly, keep today’s fans interested in and engaged with the product. The most effective organizations meet these challenges of today, and rising to that challenge starts with crafting an amazing live experience where fans can do more than simply watch a game. It involves a mastery of social media, a clarity of brand, and a proficiency with data. The organizations that craft the content that will go viral overnight are the ones that position themselves for success in this new world. The appetite of the modern fan demands more: more engagement, more purposeful content, more ways to watch, more options, and fundamentally, more work from teams, leagues, and brands who wish to build upon the special relationship of being a fan. From the perspective of experts across the sports industry, this panel will discuss how these organizations are shaping the interaction with the modern fan.

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