Book It: Legalizing Sports Betting

Gambling’s place in American sports has changed over the decades. What used to be considered taboo has now become a driver of interest and ratings and has begun to change gambling’s role in the sports world. Network television broadcasts mention gambling lines during games, media giants dedicate websites to gambling analysis and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver even took to the New York Times to write an op-ed about the subject. League views on the issue are beginning to change as they consider (with varying degrees of reluctance) the inevitable – gambling drives ratings and, if regulated properly, it may have a place in sports. It’s not just the sports leagues (and companies whose revenue relies on them) that are starting to notice. Gambling has become such a large industry that states such as New Jersey are now pushing for what has always been a Las Vegas game – legalized, regulated and taxed sports gambling. So, what are the implications of this inevitable trend? This discussion explores the trends and potential implications of broadly legalized sports gambling, exploring its effect on local economies, law and regulation and the leagues themselves … all while maintaining the integrity of the games we love.

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