Beyond Expected Goals

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Abstract: Many models have been constructed to quantify the quality of shots in soccer. In this paper, we evaluate the quality of off-ball positioning, preceding shots, that could lead to goals. For example, consider a tall unmarked center forward positioned at the far post during a corner kick. Sometimes the cross comes in and the center forward heads it in effortlessly, other times the cross flies over his head. Another example is of a winger, played onside, while making a run in past the defensive line. Sometimes the through-ball arrives; other times the winger must break off their run because a teammate has failed to deliver a timely pass. In both circumstances, the attacking player has created an opportunity even if they never received the ball. In this paper, we construct a probabilistic physics-based model that uses spatio-temporal player tracking data to quantify such off-ball scoring opportunities (OBSO). This model can be used to highlight which, if any, players are likely to score at any point during the match and where on the pitch their scoring is likely to come from. We show how this model can be used in three key ways: 1) to identify and analyze important opportunities during a match 2) to assist opposition analysis by highlighting the regions of the pitch where specific players or teams are more likely to create off-ball scoring opportunities 3) to automate talent identification by finding the players across an entire league that are most proficient at creating off-ball scoring opportunities.

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