2018 Startup Competition: Performance Devices Track

The following companies are competitors in the Performance Devices Track of the Startup Competition:

Boston Biomotion   http://www.bostonbiomotion.com Proteus system revolutionizes the way athletes train and recover, while providing automated tools to monitor and manage player health.
Fit Tech Wearables   http://ftwearables.com FTW can visualize human joint kinematics over time, allowing for real-time biomechanical analysis to prevent injury and enhance performance.
MentalRep http://www.MentalRep.com MentalRep is an AI football playbook simulator that enables a player to practice off the field and will analyze their mental performance.
NEX Team Inc. http://homecourt.ai Built by ex-Apple engineers, HomeCourt.ai is a mobile AI app which understands your basketball shots and games in real time!
Protxx, Inc. http://www.protxx.com Precision wearable sensor platform monitors and reduces cumulative sub-concussive head impact exposure and related orthopedic injury risks.
ShotTracker http://ShotTracker.com ShotTracker is a sensor-based solution that autonomously captures real-time statistical and performance data for basketball teams.
TritonWear Inc. http://www.tritonwear.com Our advanced sports wearables bring the power of sports science to the masses to maximize performance gains and minimize the risk of injury.
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