2017 Startup Competition: Seed-Stage Track

The following companies are competitors in the Seed-Stage Track of the Startup Competition:

deCervo http://www.decervo.com deCervo® is the definitive neurotech company for rapid decision-making expertise. Our first practical solution is for baseball – The uHITTM Platforma
Impakt Athletics http://impaktathletics.com/ Impakt builds digital tools to help coaches prepare for games by making it easier to turn information into action.
PlayersVote http://www.playersvote.com PlayersVote provides fan-based performance ratings to organizations, bringing the fan much closer to the game (think: live votings of players & teams)”
Reely http://www.reelyapp.com Reely uses computer vision and deep learning AI to generate sports highlights from any game video: from little league to the major leagues.
RightBlue Labs Inc. http://www.rightbluelabs.com RightBlue Labs builds software that accurately forecasts athletes’ injury / illness / burnout risk before any observable deterioration in performance
RSPCT http://www.rspctbasketball.com/ RSPCT changes the way basketball professionals and fans understand, improve and enjoy shooting.
Springbok, Inc. http://www.springbokanalytics.com Springbok visualizes muscle quantitatively, enabling teams and athletes to enhance performance, speed recovery from injuries, and assess injury risk.
statUP http://www.statUP.com statUP is skill tracking software. statUP help athletes earn stats that matter to coaches. Athletes take skill tests, earn stats, and level up.
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