2017 Startup Competition: Bootstrapped Track

The following companies are competitors in the Bootstrapped Track of the Startup Competition:

Alpha Cloud Labs, LLC https://brandlytiks.com/ Brandlytiks is Alpha Cloud Labs’ AI driven real-time Sponsorship ROI platform that measures brand impact across TV, social and digital media.
Decachord http://www.decachord.club A team’s playbook contains their coordinated movements, practiced until perfection. With Decachord, this playbook is not a secret anymore. Are you frequent enough?
Optimal Player Solutions http://www.optimalplayersolutions.com Optimal Player Solutions (OPS) provides Artificial Intelligence to optimize Big Data and enable GM’s to make more informed mission-critical decisions faster at less cost.
Proem Sports http://www.proemsports.com Proem Sports is a specialized data analytics firm that is a one-stop destination for all matters related to off-field business intelligence.
Rinkgeek http://rinkgeek.com We craft stories and tools using advanced hockey analytics.
Satoruum Inc http://www.satoruum.com World’s first mental game analytics software. Tools, analysis and training that optimize prospect evaluation, player development and team performance
Socialie https://socialie.com/ Socialie is the best way to expand social media reach by easily distributing content to teams, athletes, celebrities and other third-parties and automatically tracking data.
Tracking Football http://www.trackingfootball.com Tracking Football is an innovative sports analytics and research group which uses athletic data to develop powerful algorithms to identify and rate football player athleticism.
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