2016 Startup <$1M Blitz Competition

SSAC16 Fundraising <$1M Blitz Competition

Track: Fundraising <$1M

GrubRunner is an In-Seat Delivery Service for Sports Fans at Stadiums
Humon is an algorithm and wearable sensor company that empowers athletes with unique insights, pushing them to their optimal performance
Crowdsight powers innovative live event sponsorship opportunities for brands to connect directly with fans
Winning Identity is designed to maximize athletic performance potential and heighten motivation for new generations of golfers with a will to improve
IMeasureU has developed a new innovative way to measure body movement, providing feedback to the user that will increase performance and amplify success
Myagonism provides innovative 360° analytics services affordable for every coach in the world
FanBeat is a predictive gaming app that fans play during breaks in the action of a live sporting event

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