2016 Startup >=$1M Blitz Competition

SSAC16 Fundraising >=$1M Blitz Competition

Track: Fundraising >=$1M

CoachMePlus positions organizations to respond to the rapidly changing world of sports science by tracking athlete information with one centralized system
Kinexon develops smart and lightweight sensors for high precision positioning and motion sensing of athletes in real-time
Stratagem provides cutting edge technology to power products that allow the customer to trade and invest in sports predictions markets as a financial asset
ScoreStream crowd-sources real-time scores, video, photos and more from 11,000 local sports games per week, covering all team sports, boys and girls
Alt/Sports is a sports analytics service that delivers meaningful game outcome and performance explanations in a visual, engaging manner
Halo Neuroscience has developed a neurotech platform that unlocks human performance. Their first product, Halo Sport, is for elite athletes
Talent Lab is an interactive business intelligence platform that helps you discover and share the stories behind your human capital data.es behind your human capital data.

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