2015 Startup Blitz Competition

The Trade Show features demonstrations by sports-industry startups to potential customers, business partners, and employees. The Blitz Competition is the SSAC’s version of “Shark Tank,” an opportunity for companies to compete for bragging rights and a cash prize via an eight-minute pitch. Each company has five minutes to explain their business and convince us of how they’re revolutionizing the sports industry and three minutes to answer questions from judges. This year, we are proud to host 11 companies on two tracks: Pre-Revenue Stage and Post-Revenue Stage. One winner per track will be awarded $5,000.

Pre-Revenue Track
Time: Saturday, February 28 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Post-Revenue Track
Time: Saturday, February 28 10:20 AM – 11:20 AM


Alces is defining a breakthrough approach to athlete training by combining markerless motion capture with computer vision algorithms to develop an athlete’s proprioceptive ability and kinesthetic awareness.
EliteForm creates integrated technologies that provide the next competitive edge in athletic performance, strength training, recruiting, and sports science.
Fanvana, Inc. is an early stage Palo Alto-based startup developing a mobile application that uses big data analytics to give sports fans anywhere in the world a unique real-time social discovery experience
FootoVision’s proprietary algorithm captures next-generation football analytics with no additional infrastructure or staff, creating unique content and performance analytics for broadcasters and clubs at minimal additional cost.
Fusion Sport has developed SMARTABASE, an industry defining mobile and cloud based athlete data management system for sports analytics, athlete monitoring, assessment, injury tracking, overtraining prediction, S&C programming, recruiting, scheduling and communications for sports performance and informed decision making for athletes, coaches and organizations.
HiTrainer is a sprint-based training machine that provides analytics to prevent injuries and increase performances.
Kitman Labs is the company behind Profiler, the World’s most advanced athlete management system. By collecting known indicators of injury risk and by using a combination of computer vision, sophisticated statistical analysis and machine learning algorithms, Profiler drives informed decision making, enhancing performance and injury prevention.
MyFuelUp is a free web/mobile application providing nutrient-timed, flexible meal planning in support of YOUR body, lifestyle, and health/fitness goal. It converts the generated diet into an organized grocery list, selects products available where you shop, and provides menu recommendations at local restaurants.
PocketCoach combines a mobile platforms with artificial intelligence to create personalised training sessions, based on ride metrics and user data, that adapt to the user’s needs in real-time.
Reality Sports Online has created the next generation category for fantasy football with its Front Office Fantasy Football platform and is poised to revolutionize fantasy sports with its realistic ‘Front Office” platform.
The Wav Company creates innovative products and turnkey solutions that make live events more enjoyable for fans and profitable for venues. Our patented wearable technology (WavPass) is the newest way for fans to access live events and pay for concessions and merchandise with a wave of the wrist.


2015 Startup Trade Show Blitz Competition - Pre-Revenue Track Winner - Fanvana

2015 Startup Trade Show Blitz Competition – Pre-Revenue Track Winner – Fanvana

2015 Startup Trade Show Blitz Competition - Post-Revenue Track Winner - Fusion Sport

2015 Startup Trade Show Blitz Competition – Post-Revenue Track Winner – Fusion Sport


Christina Chase, Lecturer and Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship
Bill Gurley, General Partner, Benchmark Capital
Jake Heller, Principal, Spectrum Equity
Dan Shanoff, Founder, Quickish

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