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2017 Research Paper Competition Open for Abstracts

August 2, 2016

We are pleased to announce the call for abstracts for the Research Papers Competition at the 2017 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. The Sloan Conference showcases cutting-edge research that in past conferences has been featured in top media outlets throughout the world, and has even changed the way sports are analyzed. The competition is an ideal way to build… Read more

10th Anniversary Conference Wrap-Up

March 13, 2016

As we close out our #DecadeOfData conference, we are beyond excited to have shared the Super Bowl of Analytics/ Dork-a-Palooza with all of you. 3,900 attendees from 320+ academic institutions, 130+ teams and leagues, and 300+ industries spent two days in Boston listening, engaging, and innovating. Read more

#SSAC16 Day 1 Recap!

March 12, 2016

Who would’ve thought that a conference that started with 100 attendees in an MIT Sloan classroom would grow to 3,900 attendees in just 10 years? Co-Founder’s Jessica Gelman and Daryl Morey started us off with a review of the conference history and a perspective on the future. Per Morey, what makes the conference great is: Read more

Changing the Game: Big Data Helps Bring Home Olympic Gold

March 9, 2016

Within recent years, countries participating in the Olympics have accelerated their use of data and advanced analysis to inform decisions on the sports and athletes to “double down” on and put onto the world’s stage. With a deep trove of historic sports performance data and advanced analytics tools available today, NOCs are better equipped than ever to make informed decisions on resource allocation designed to result in top medal placements. Read more

Data Science Interactive: Accessible, Immersive Analytics Space at SSAC 2016

March 8, 2016

As a discipline, sports analytics is maturing—fast. Since the original MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in 2007, we’ve seen extraordinary advances in how teams and leagues use data science to power their performance on the field, off the field, and in the stands. Read more