Startup Competition & Trade Show

2018 Startup Competition & Trade Show

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The Startup Competition & Trade Show provides an opportunity for selected startups and small companies to showcase their innovations in the fields of sports-related technologies, products, and services. This year, startups and small companies will be selected by the SSAC committee to present their products and/or services to potential customers, business partners, investors, and employees.

Trade Show: All participating startups will be given an allotment of space, in a prime location of the conference, to showcase their product or service to conference attendees during both days of the conference. In addition, the trade show is a valuable networking and business development opportunity for all startup participants.  Stakeholders from across the sports industry such as investors, corporate sponsors, media companies, professional athletes, general managers, customers, and more will be among conference attendees.

Startup Competition: All participating startups will be divided into competition tracks. Each startup will have 5 minutes to present their business and explain how their company is revolutionizing the sports industry, followed by a short Q&A session with a panel of judges. The winner of each competition track, as determined by our panel of judges, will be awarded a $5,000 cash prize.


Application Process

The Startup Competition & Trade Show application closed on Monday, December 11, 2017. Please feel free to reach out to if you have questions. 


Former Participants

See below for the entries selected during last year’s Startup Competition & Trade Show:

2017 MIT SLOAN SPORTS ANALYTICS CONFERENCE Startup Competition & Trade Show


The following companies are competitors in the Bootstrapped Track of the Startup Competition:

Alpha Cloud Labs, LLC Brandlytiks is Alpha Cloud Labs’ AI driven real-time Sponsorship ROI platform that measures brand impact across TV, social and digital media.
Decachord A team’s playbook contains their coordinated movements, practiced until perfection. With Decachord, this playbook is not a secret anymore. Are you frequent enough?
Optimal Player Solutions Optimal Player Solutions (OPS) provides Artificial Intelligence to optimize Big Data and enable GM’s to make more informed mission-critical decisions faster at less cost.
Proem Sports Proem Sports is a specialized data analytics firm that is a one-stop destination for all matters related to off-field business intelligence.
Rinkgeek We craft stories and tools using advanced hockey analytics.
Satoruum Inc World’s first mental game analytics software. Tools, analysis and training that optimize prospect evaluation, player development and team performance
Socialie Socialie is the best way to expand social media reach by easily distributing content to teams, athletes, celebrities and other third-parties and automatically tracking data.
Tracking Football Tracking Football is an innovative sports analytics and research group which uses athletic data to develop powerful algorithms to identify and rate football player athleticism.

The following companies are competitors in the Seed-Stage Track of the Startup Competition:

deCervo deCervo® is the definitive neurotech company for rapid decision-making expertise. Our first practical solution is for baseball – The uHITTM Platforma
Impakt Athletics Impakt builds digital tools to help coaches prepare for games by making it easier to turn information into action.
PlayersVote PlayersVote provides fan-based performance ratings to organizations, bringing the fan much closer to the game (think: live votings of players & teams)”
Reely Reely uses computer vision and deep learning AI to generate sports highlights from any game video: from little league to the major leagues.
RightBlue Labs Inc. RightBlue Labs builds software that accurately forecasts athletes’ injury / illness / burnout risk before any observable deterioration in performance
RSPCT RSPCT changes the way basketball professionals and fans understand, improve and enjoy shooting.
Springbok, Inc. Springbok visualizes muscle quantitatively, enabling teams and athletes to enhance performance, speed recovery from injuries, and assess injury risk.
statUP statUP is skill tracking software. statUP help athletes earn stats that matter to coaches. Athletes take skill tests, earn stats, and level up.

The following companies are competitors in the Venture-Stage Track of the Startup Competition:

Atavus Atavus tackles issues of play and performance in rugby and football, working with coaches, athletes, administrators and parents. Data driven, people focused.
FANchise FANchise is the ultimate fan engagement platform empowering fans to make key decisions for teams, including calling plays in real-time.
Fanpictor Fanpictor – Fan Engagement | Sponsor Activation | Revenue Generation | Data Analytics
Fanwide FanWide is an app and data platform for sports fans that organizes viewing parties for every team in every city, and bars pay to bring them new customers and promote their events.
Kinexon Sports & Media KINEXON develops cutting-edge solutions for precise localization and motion sensing of professional athletes. The portfolio includes sensor-based real-time detection of precise performance data and analytics.
Mogean, Inc. Mogean creates fan journey behavior analytics for sports teams and franchises – driving fan engagement strategies and measuring their effectiveness.
Noah Basketball Noah Basketball is a data-service provider using 3-D computer-vision technology to provide real-time data and feedback to improve shooting accuracy.
SciSports SciSports is the first to combine mathematical models, machine learning and fully-automated 3D Voxel Generation (BallJames) to create new insights about the world of football.