Startup Competition & Trade Show

2017 Startup Competition & Trade Show

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The Startup Competition & Trade Show provides an opportunity for selected startups and small companies to showcase their innovations in the fields of sports-related devices and services. This year, 24 startups and small companies have been selected by the SSAC committee to present their products and/or services to potential customers, business partners, investors, and employees. The 24 startups have been split up into 3 Competition tracks, based on funding levels. On Friday, in Room 306, these 24 participants will each have “5 Good Minutes” to explain their business and how their company is revolutionizing the sports industry, followed by 3 minutes of Q&A from a panel of judges. The winner of each track, as selected by the judges, will win $5000. Throughout both days of the conference, in Room 310 and 311, these 24 participants will have booths setup to showcase their products and services for any conference participant to see.

Entries are closed for this year. Thank you for applying!

**Eligibility Criteria** Applying companies must: • Have been founded no earlier than January 1, 2012 • Not have raised over $15 million as of time of application • Have participated in one or fewer past SSAC Trade Shows • Founders of the applying companies must retain some portion of ownership in the company • Have application in one of two categories: Devices (sports-related hardware) or Services (sports-related software / technology platforms) **Startup Competition & Trade Show Summary** • All participating startups and small companies will be given an allotment of space, in a prime location of the conference, to show their product or service to conference participants • All participating startups and small companies will also compete for two $5,000 cash prizes, one for each track, as determined by our panel(s) of judges. Participants have “5 Good Minutes” to explain their business and how their company is revolutionizing the sports industry, followed by 3 minutes to respond to questions from the judges. **Entry Fee Summary** The $3,000 entry fee for companies that are selected to participate in the Trade Show covers: • Two tickets to the conference (March 3-4, 2017) • Table in prime location to interact with attendees and panelists • Hynes Convention Center labor and setup expenses (potential extra costs for special requests) • Wi-Fi Internet connection; 22” flat screen monitor (larger monitors available for fee) • Participation in Startup Competition (5-minute presentation, 3-minute Q&A to panel of judges + cash prize) Please feel free to reach out to if you have questions. We encourage you to sign up for our mailing list ( so you can receive the latest information about the conference. Good luck and we look forward to reviewing your application! See below for examples of successful participants from previous years.

2016 MIT SLOAN SPORTS ANALYTICS CONFERENCE Startup Competition & Trade Show

SSAC16 Fundraising >=$1M Blitz Competition Track: Fundraising >=$1MCoachMePlus positions organizations to respond to the rapidly changing world of sports science by tracking athlete information with one centralized system • Kinexon develops smart and lightweight sensors for high precision positioning and motion sensing of athletes in real-time • Stratagem provides cutting edge technology to power products that allow the customer to trade and invest in sports predictions markets as a financial asset • ScoreStream crowd-sources real-time scores, video, photos and more from 11,000 local sports games per week, covering all team sports, boys and girls • Alt/Sports is a sports analytics service that delivers meaningful game outcome and performance explanations in a visual, engaging manner • Halo Neuroscience has developed a neurotech platform that unlocks human performance. Their first product, Halo Sport, is for elite athletes • Talent Lab is an interactive business intelligence platform that helps you discover and share the stories behind your human capital behind your human capital data.
SSAC16 Fundraising <$1M Blitz Competition Track: Fundraising <$1MGrubRunner is an In-Seat Delivery Service for Sports Fans at Stadiums • Humon is an algorithm and wearable sensor company that empowers athletes with unique insights, pushing them to their optimal performance • Crowdsight powers innovative live event sponsorship opportunities for brands to connect directly with fans • Winning Identity is designed to maximize athletic performance potential and heighten motivation for new generations of golfers with a will to improve • IMeasureU has developed a new innovative way to measure body movement, providing feedback to the user that will increase performance and amplify success • Myagonism provides innovative 360° analytics services affordable for every coach in the world • FanBeat is a predictive gaming app that fans play during breaks in the action of a live sporting event