Slam Force G’s: Quantifying the Force of a Monster Dunk

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In December, 2011 Turner Sports partnered with the MIT Media Lab to create the SlamForce Net, a basketball net that incorporates segments of conductive fiber whose resistance changes with degree of stretch. By measuring this resistance over time, hardware associated more »

ESPN’s College Basketball Power Index

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There are many computer rankings of college basketball teams, from Sagarin to Kenpom to LRMC to RPI.  ESPN developed its College Basketball Power Index (BPI) to provide both a resume and a forecast for college basketball teams, but also accounting more »

AtomStats: Analyzing Baseball Statistics in a New Way

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AtomStats is the brainchild of two MIT sophmores, Mike Attanasio and Webb Horn. It offers an alternative way to analyze a baseball player’s value and predict the outcome of specific situations by accessing disparate data points and organizing them into more »

The Future of NASCAR Driver Development

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Harraka will discuss how 2008 has permanently changed the ways NASCAR driver climb the ladder to the Sprint Cup, and how he and his team are working to take advantage of the inefficiency in the new system to both remake more »

Next Generation Sports Coaching Using Mobile Devices

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The proliferation of smart mobile devices and sensors will enable people to learn sports anytime, anywhere, like never before possible. Imagine a world where a golfer’s smart phone detects flaws in his swing and recommends corrections to his swing mechanics; more »

The Revolution in Advanced Sports Analytic Systems

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You may not know it, but Google, Yahoo, and Facebook have turned the world of analytics systems upside down.  In fact, more has changed in the last 24 months than perhaps the last 24 years. These changes are BIG…literally. In more »

How to Cure Tanking

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Encouraged by fans’ desire to cheer passionately for their favorite teams every game of the season, I respectfully propose that draft order should be determined by performance after mathematical elimination.  Analysis of historical data suggests optimistic statistical methods based on more »

Achieving Optimal Athletic Performance Through Blood Biochemistry

InsideTracker, brings a one-of-a-kind, science-based platform that helps athletes achieve optimal health and performance by measuring and improving their unique levels of select biomarkers. Through this personalized approach that uses a multi-factorial algorithm to create personalized ranges for healthy markers, more »

The Power of Belief in Sports Performance Research

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The power of the placebo has been recognized in clinical situations for a long time. This has necessitated an increasing sophistication of the construction of clinical trials. Double blinded, three arm trials with an active treatment, placebo treatment and a more »

Automating Bill Simmons

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With all the discussion about how statistical analysis has disrupted various facets of sports, virtually nothing has been said about sports journalism.  That’s about to change.  Automated Insights, Inc. (via has automated the job of writing everything from game more »

Moving Without the Ball

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The same principles being applied in sports’ most innovative front offices and on the playing field are also being implemented by those in charge of the fan experience. That’s especially true in the parking lots and stadium concourses, where getting more »