First Pitch Case Competition

Presented by  zebra


First Pitch is a sports business case competition for top graduate students around the globe who are attending the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. The competition fosters cutting edge thought leadership designed to address the sports industry’s most challenging issues, and provides a networking and educational platform for graduate students with sports career aspirations. In case teams of three, participants are tasked with analyzing and suggesting solutions for a challenging sports business issue.


The 2015 conference will feature the fifth annual First Pitch Graduate Sports Business Case Competition. The competition is sponsored by Zebra Technologies and provides students a forum to analyze and suggest solutions for a challenging business issue.This year, 23 teams from top global graduate programs participated. The top three teams will be presenting at the conference on Saturday, February 28th from 1:00 – 2:00 pm in the Research Papers Room (Room 258 AB). The winner will be announced during the Alpha Awards on Saturday afternoon.


In 2014, Zebra Technology Corporation launched “MotionWorks,” a real-time player tracking system that uses patented RFID technology. The NFL selected Zebra’s MotionWorks system to integrate league-wide to enhance an important segment of its business previously limited to after-the-fact data and to form an integral component of a sweeping effort to introduce “Next Generation Statistics” (NGS). Beginning with the 2014 NFL season, all players wear Zebra tracking chips that provide never-before available data from game day. Zebra’s real-time technology has innumerable applications that can enable real-time insights to drive coaching and player evaluation decisions and real-time entertainment value for fans. Zebra is interested in understanding how its tools and the NGS platform can be monetized off the field and to recast the consumer experience including how fans consume sports across multiple media such as in-stadium, digital, fantasy, mobile and the gaming application space.

2015 Finalists
• Tuck School of Business (Jeffrey Clark, Adam Klene, Fan Zhou)
• Harvard Business School (Daniel Adler, Ali Habib, Matt Quinn)
• The Wharton School (Vikram Arumilli, Michela DeSantis, Kit Neuman)

2014 First Pitch Case Competition Winners — Wisconsin School of Business – AJ Dhingra, Scott Olson, and Peter Oppermann