Dean Oliver

Vice President of Data Science, TruMedia

Dean Oliver is the Vice President of Data Science for TruMedia, a company providing analytical databases to teams and the media. Dean has been a pioneer in sports analytics across basketball and football. His book,Basketball on Paper, serves as the principal handbook for doing basketball analytics and he has worked in the front office for the Denver Nuggets and Sacramento Kings. His work has been lauded by sabermetrics pioneer Bill James, Hall of Fame basketball coach Dean Smith, and has been featured in media outlets for more than a decade. From team efficiency ratings to the Four Factors to individual offensive and defensive ratings – Dean Oliver has had a significant hand in all of basketball analytics.

At ESPN, Dean headed up the sports analytics group, developing products across multiple sports, especially football. That group constructed numerous important metrics to better evaluate football players and units, including Total QBR for quarterbacks, Pass Protection for the offensive line, and Pass Rush for the defensive line. It also constructed the Football Power Index, the College Basketball Power Index, and improved the Soccer Power Index, originally developed by Nate Silver. Dean was a regular voice in working with analysts and coaches on TV and online so that they started seeing the value of analytics to storytelling.