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2015 Research Paper Competition

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Every year, the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Research Paper Competition brings exciting and innovative insight and changes to the way we analyze sports. With submissions on topics ranging from the spelling bee to rugby, basketball, and more, we represent the largest forum for groundbreaking research in sports. The Research Paper Competition is an incredible opportunity to reach a diverse audience while still contributing to the advancement of analytics in sports.

Previous year’s top papers were featured on Numbers Never Lie, mentioned and re-run in publications across the world (including TIME, ESPN the Magazine, and The New York Times), and captured the attention of representatives from numerous professional sports teams. We are looking forward to your submission for the 2015 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Research Paper Competition.

Sports Tracks: This year we will be introducing a track system to the research paper competition. All submissions will be entered into one of four tracks based on the content of the abstract. The tracks are:

Basketball – All submissions related to the sport of basketball
Baseball  – All submissions related to the sport of baseball
Other Sports –  All submissions related to other sports
Business of Sports – Submissions related to the business of owning, managing, or marketing a sport, or to new technology or ideas which could change the sports industry

2015 Research Paper Finalists

The 2015 Research Papers selected to present at the Conference are listed below.