2020 First Pitch Case Competition

2020 First Pitch Case Competition

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Every year, the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference hosts the First Pitch Case Competition for top graduate students from around the globe who are attending the conference. The competition focuses on the evaluation and analysis of a major sports organization’s most challenging issues, while providing a networking and educational platform for graduate students with sports career aspirations.

In teams of three, students are tasked with analyzing provided data and recommending solutions for a challenging sports business issue. Three finalist teams are then selected to present in front of an open audience at the conference. Previous years cases have been developed in conjunction with Eventellect, Ticketmaster, Zebra Technologies, MLB Advanced Media, the NFL, and AECOM.

This year’s competition looks to help Eventellect craft a ticketing strategy for an expansion MLS club. 

2020 Timeline

Sign-up Deadline*January 24th 2020
Distribution of Case MaterialsJanuary 25th 2020
Deadline for Opening Round SubmissionsFebruary 7th 2020
Finalist Teams AnnouncedFebruary 21st 2020
Final Round Live PresentationsMarch 6th 2019
Winners AnnouncedMarch 7th 2019

2020 First Pitch Case Competition Submission Form

Please note that in order to sign up a team for the First Pitch Case Competition, all three team members must have tickets to attend the 2020 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.

ELIGIBILITY: Teams must consist of three (3) current students from graduate programs. All team members must be registered and have paid for the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference at the time of registering for First Pitch. There will be no additional fee to participate in First Pitch.
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